The dictionary defines an auteur as "a filmmaker whose personal influence and artistic control over a movie are so great that the filmmaker is regarded as the author of the movie."
Robert Young is just such a filmmaker.
A life-long Creative Storyteller & wellness advocate whose works have been experienced by millions globally, Robert Young is a multi-hyphenate storyteller with an unprecedented list of accomplishments behind and in front of the camera.
Young has created, lead and managed multimedia projects with an accumulated production value in excess of $50 million. In the philanthropic realm, he has proudly donated his personal skills and company services to charitable initiatives and organizations, helping them secure over $2.5 million in donations. Robert Young has also, produced and executed branded interactive experiences and digital advertising assets for international engagements with operating budgets totaling over $3 billion.
Highly experienced in the direction, design and presentation of global strategic communications that entertain and serve the public interest, Robert Young's accomplishments across the creative industries have given him a distinct outlook and a remarkable voice as a filmmaker.
Young's three guiding principles are:
∞There Is Beauty In Stillness.
∞Visibility Delivers Vision.
∞Creativity Is Life.
As an auteur, Robert Young is committed to storytelling that you can feel. 
There Is A Story To Be Told.
Film Production Record
Documentary Direction 
“Freetown Reborn” War Child Canada – Freetown, Sierra Leone West Africa ∞ “The Wind” Caribbean Export – Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic ∞ “Beauty With A Purpose” Ms World Pageant  – Barbados ∞ “Connecting The Dots” Bakehouse Art Complex  – Miami, FL. USA ∞ “Smoke and Mirrors” Cigar Aficionado – Miami, FL. USA ∞ “Smoke and Mirrors” Jeffery Salter – Miami, FL. USA ∞ “Fighting For Love” QP – Los Angeles, CA. USA 
Commercial Direction
Reebok “RBK Above The Rim” – New York NY. USA ∞ Texas de Brazil “The Experience” – Trinidad and Tobago ∞ Standard Furniture & Appliances “Mother’s May” – Trinidad and Tobago ∞ Standard Furniture & Appliances “Credit Advantage” – Trinidad and Tobago ∞ Standard Furniture & Appliances “Dash” – Trinidad and Tobago ∞ My Passion and My Business “Dance” Baltimore, MD. USA ∞ Smalta – Smiles – Trinidad and Tobago 
Speculative Direction 
Blue Mobile “The Apps” – Trinidad and Tobago ∞ Cadillac “Power & Beauty” – Miami FL. USA ∞ Puma “The Race” – Miami FL. USA ∞ Fiji Water “Tranquility – Miami FL. USA ∞ Air Jamaica “Love” – Miami FL. USA
Corporate Identity Video Direction 
“Welcome” McKenzie - Miami, FL.USA ∞ “Deconstruct” Eventscape – Toronto, ON. Canada 
Creative Short Direction 
“Concrete High” D. Sabala Grimes – Miami, FL. USA ∞ “Spit” Amir Sulaiman – Los Angeles, CA. USA 
Music Video Direction 
The XAV “Do The Math” – Philadelphia PA. USA ∞ Notorious B.I.G. + Bob Marley “Hold Ya Head” – Miami FL. USA + New York, NY. USA ∞ Common + Pharrell Williams “Universal Mind Control” (Original) – Los Angeles, CA. USA ∞ Wyclef + Syrai “Send Me An Angel” – New York, NY. USA ∞ Beenie Man + Shazelle “State of Emergency” – Trinidad & Tobago ∞ Shazelle “Take Me Tonight” – Bucharest, Romania ∞ Baby Cham “Clip” – Miami FL. USA ∞ Keshia Chante’ “2U” – Miami FL. USA ∞ Keshia Chante’ “Test Drive” Toronto ON. Canada ∞ Kardinal Offishall “Clear” – China + Singapore ∞ Kardinal Offishall “Freedom” Los Angeles, CA. USA ∞ Massari “Bad Girl” – Malibu, CA. USA ∞ Dru “Getting It In” – Barbados ∞ High Diamond “Fabulous” Toronto, ON. Canada ∞ NexCyx “Queen” – Barbados ∞ Simon Pipe “If Only These Walls” – Barbados ∞ Simon Pipe “Tonight” – Barbados ∞ Wesu “In Love” – Barbados ∞ Krave “Scrub The Ground” – Atlanta, GA. USA 
Non-Linear Film Editing 
Reality Television/Documentary: MTV Networks/Bad Boy Films “Diddy Runs The City” ∞ MTV Networks “Making The Band 2” 
Commercials: JC Penney “Bobble-head Bob” ∞ Reebok “We Got Our Five” Guinness “Prento” ∞ Play Along: The Dog Play Along Toys 
Television Network Promos: Turner Network Television (TNT) “Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil Turner Network Television (TNT) ∞ “The Pretender” Turner Network Television (TNT) | “Bull” 
Select Music Videos: Aaliyah “I Miss You” Aaliyah + DMX “Back In One Piece” ∞ Alicia Keys “How Come You Don’t Call Me” ∞ Alicia Keys + Eve “Gangsta Lovin'” ∞ Amanda Marshall “Everybody’s Got A Story” ∞ Amerie “Talkin’ To Me” + “Why Don’t We Fall In Love” ∞ Angie Stone “Every Day” ∞ Beenie Man/Mya “Gal Dem Suga” ∞ Boyz II Men “Color of Love” ∞ Brandy “Right Here” ∞ Busta Rhymes “Break Ya Neck” ∞ Craig David “What’s Your Flavor” ∞ Deborah Cox + RL “We Can’t Be Friends” ∞ Destiny’s Child + Missy Elliot “Bootylicious Remix” ∞ Diddy + Swizz Beats “Bigger Business” ∞ Diddy + G.Dep + Black Rob “Let’s Get It” ∞ Diddy + Loon “How You Want That” ∞ Diddy + Mario Winans “I Don’t Wanna Know” ∞ Diddy + Usher ” I Need A Girl Part 1″ ∞ Diddy + Nelly + Murphey Lee “Shake Ya Tailfeather” ∞ Diddy + G.Dep + Ghostface Killah + Keith Murray + Craig Mack “Special Delivery “Remix” ∞ DMX “What’s My Name” ∞ DMX + Sisqo What They Want ∞ Fabolous “It’s My Party” ∞ Fabolous + Nate Dogg “Ya’ll Can’t Deny It” ∞ Jay-Z “Hey Papi” ∞ Jay-Z + Mya “Best of Me ∞ Jay-Z + Pharrell Williams “Excuse Me Miss” ∞ Jay-Z + R. Kelly “Fiesta” ∞ Jill Scott "Gimme" ∞ Kanye West “Workout Plan”∞ Keisha Cole “Heaven Sent” + “She” + “Believer” ∞ LL Cool J “Imagine That” + “You & Me” LL Cool J + The Dream “Baby” ∞ LL Cool J + Ludacris + Keith Murray + Fubu “Fatty Girl” ∞ Luther Vandross “Dance With My Father” ∞ Monica “So Gone” ∞ Nelly “E.I.” + “Hot In Here” ∞ Nelly Furtado “On The Radio” ∞ Sean Paul “Gimme The Light” + “Like Glue” +”Get Busy” + “We Be Burning” ∞ Sean Paul + Estelle “Come Over” ∞ Shelby Lynne “Killing Kind” ∞ Usher “You Don’t Have To Call” + “You Got It Bad” + “U-turn” ∞ 50 Cent: Straight To The Bank
Curriculum Vitae
Storytelling ∞ Design ∞ Multimedia ∞ Public Speaking ∞ Leadership ∞ Observation & Interpretation ∞ Filmmaking & Photography ∞ Directing & Editing Audio-visuals ∞ Voiceover ∞ Writing 
Award-winning motivational public speaker and voiceover talent ∞ Veteran director, editor, writer and producer of multimedia content ∞ Effective team leader, builder, mentor, skills trainer and collaborator ∞ Innovative designer and developer of experiential activations and strategy ∞ Expert storyteller in literature, photography, film and community engagement ∞ Experienced traveller and investigator of global cultural trends and philosophies ∞ Adept problem-solver and implementor of productivity policies and best practices 
Experiential Activation Designer of the Year – SignMedia Magazine Canada 10th Annual Soft-signage Awards ∞ Jackie Robinson Fortitude Award Honouree – Toronto Community Advisory Board ∞ Emerging 20 Filmmaker – Reel World Film Festival ∞ Top 40 Under 40 Honouree – Network Miami Magazine ∞ Appointed to the Arts & Entertainment Council by former Mayor Manny Diaz – City Of Miami ∞ Best Independent Video Winner (VideoFact) for “If I Were A Planet” – Much Music Awards (MMVA) ∞ Copy-writing Award & Music Production Award for BET On Jazz National Television Advertisement – Telly Awards 
"'Attention to detail.' That has become a fashionable thing to say, but for Robert, it is a way of life. Nothing gets by him. He takes knowledge to a deeper level. As a Filmmaker, he insists on perfection from his crew and himself. Having worked with him on many occasions, I'd have to say that his inspiring way of working causes everyone from crew to clients to want to be the best at their jobs too."
Rob Perkins, Film Producer
"Robert Young has extensive global experience in the film production, media/entertainment and marketing industry which he has amalgamated with over 30+ years in community development. He offers a comprehensive background in global film initiatives, has worked with municipal governments to further arts and entertainment projects in the public and private sectors, worked cohesively with diverse groups and expansive budgets, all while maintaining a fine eye for detail and understanding of the overall picture and corporate direction. Robert is also a renowned communicator."

Wayne Greenaway, Associate Vice President Delivery, Tundra Technical Canada
“Robert Young embodies the rare ability to transcend the boundaries of both his artistic and technical talents. He leverages the best of both worlds to powerfully impact any given opportunity. His vast experience can inspire, uplift and motivate others.Throughout his career, Robert has always challenged those around him to think and work through issues by altering their perspective. He shows how a simple paradigm shift can reveal the doorway to practical resolution, powerful inspiration and, in some cases, hidden talent.”
-Shyamla Eswaran, Human Rights Advocate/Content Producer, NineMSN Australia​​​​​​​
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