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Discover the documentary films of veteran storyteller Robert Young', showcasing a wide array of projects and subjects captured around the globe. With a career spanning decades, Young has documented captivating stories from various cultures, each shedding light on unique experiences and perspectives. Delve into this rich collection and embark on a journey through Young's lens and witness the power of storytelling to connect and inspire people around the globe.

Filmed in Freetown Sierra Leone West Africa, this work documents the efforts of youth-led NGO Artist United For Children and Youth Development (AUCAYD) as their nation recovers from the decade long Blood Diamond civil unrest.

A year and a half after the 11-year Civil War, that birthed the Hollywood film “Blood Diamond” starring Leonardo DiCaprio, I was asked to document War Child Canada’s implementation of a $160,000 donation of funds and equipment for community programming driven by local youth-led West African NGO, Artist United For Children and Youth Development (AUCYAD).

To keep the message alive I have turned the documentary, together with still images I captured during the process into a curated multimedia art installation entitled, Freetown Reborn: Axiom Of Beauty. The activation has been showcased at Wynwood’s Gallery ID, in Toronto Canada at Jazz Bistro, and at the Historic Lyric Theatre in Overtown Miami.

"FIGHTING FOR LOVE" QUUDUS Los Angeles, California, USA *Limited Series Pilot
Filmed in Los Angeles California, this work documents the trials and tribulations of love and commitment when two former television show hosts decide to forgo being single in Hollywood to fight for love.
Presenting a new look at a classic story of doing whatever it takes for love. A romantic tale of tragedy and triumph, sacrifice and surrender, rage and redemption. Former MTV TRL host turned actor/activist, Quddus takes us on a journey with a peek behind the lights and cameras that have hidden his true persona throughout his career. When he and his girlfriend decide to move in together, past infidelities convoluted by the idea of celebrity, attempt to stand in the way of true love.


Filmed in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, this work documents musical artist from throughout the Caribbean as they visit the PinkHouse, an orphanage for HIV positive children from the Dominican Republic and Haiti.

When Caribbean Export, a regional trade and investment promotion agency funded by the European Union, decided to relaunch Design Caribbean, the region's leading contemporary design event, former CEO Pamela Coke Hamilton asked me to create an a documentary piece to showcase the return of the annual event. I decided it should be about more than just the design conference but rather the locals the event was meant to serve. She agreed and the resulting work allowed me to take leading Caribbean artist like the “Queen of Soca” Alison Hinds and African drummer Onika Best from Barbados, legendary musician Irwin “Carrot” Jarid and Haitian superstar Bélo to see the spirit of the ruins of Monasterio de San Francisco and visit the Pink House, an orphanage for HIV positive children from the throughout the Dominican Republic and Haiti.


Filmed in Barbados, this work documents the philanthropic endeavours of a Ms. World hopeful as she matches drive for the Ms. Barbados crown with her passion for local brain-injured children and their parents who struggle to care for them.

When Ms World Contestant Marielle Wilkie launched her campaign to bring awareness to the issue of brain-injured children on the small island of Barbados, I offered my services to document the courageous efforts of her team, the local doctors and the courageous parents who worked tirelessly to provide the best life possible for these remarkable children.
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